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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The bblue SCAM, the CARBON CREDIT BUSINESS – a pyramidal scheme

The truth about the "bblue" SCAM

You are probably curious to find out who, and how seriously are handled the money that you invested in the “bblue OPPORTUNITY”. We propose a short, but very enlightening documentation through which you, by your own means, can check our statements.

You don’t have to take our word for it, CHECK it by your own means!
You surely remember, you were told even from the beginning in the presentations held by the international staff of the CSG, of the existence of a company headquarters in London, with subsidiaries in Hungary, Slovakia, China, India, Turkey, Bangladesh and Romania. There were other statements made that in time have proven to be without any real coverage. More than that, all our statements can pe proved, as you will see, giving you thus the possibility to check yourself how things really stand.

Let’s find out together what the actual TRUTH is.

I. Company’s registered office
Carbon Solutions Global Ltd.
Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue
London UK, SW19 2RR
(public address on the company’s webpage)

It is said that we are dealing with a GREAT BRITAIN company, and if we check the company’s website ( we are told that the activity of this company in London is managed by Rani Virdee (a name with a certain resonance in the sector of activity of the company as well as in the country where the registered office of this company is registered). In order to find out what the truth is, we contacted someone from London asking this person to check the validity of what the company presented. Onsite, as we expected, we discovered that there is no real registered office, and after more detailed checking it has been established that this company CARBON SOLUTIONS GLOBAL LTD is a ghost company that has its registered office in a P.O. box, so no offices, no employees. Surely you all know the way to create a false legitimacy, through which any scam tries to hide the inexistence of a registered office by associating the name of the company with the country where the industry of the carbon credits started and with the people contracted only as consultants in this field.

You can find below the link where you can check this information and find out why SCAMMERS choose to create such front companies:

It’s all about services for "providing the illusion of an important international company, serious and real...". Here is a short excerpt from the webpage of those providing this type of services:
The address we provide is - Your company name,
Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR

The address of CARBON SOLUTIONS GLOBAL is, naturally, the same
Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London UK, SW19 2RR

A few texts translated from this page for those of you who don’t understand English:
"Do you want to give the impression that your company is larger than it really is?  By using our REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS, it will give the impression that you operate in an important location and that you’re active in multiple countries [....] "

CONCLUSION: The London registered office is nothing more than a front!
II. The company claims they have offices and sales activity in Slovakia

Visiting the official website ( ) we found the following address:
Carbon Solutions s. r. o. Špitálska 2905 , Komárno 945 01
When we checked the Business Register of Slovakia  ( we found that the company CARBON SOLUTIONS GLOBAL from Slovakia is an older company run by a few Hungarian citizens, without any significant activity, renamed in 2012, company that has no employees and no offices (the company is only a front, its purpose being related to tax matters)
( Check the address with google street view )

CONCLUSION: The Slovakia office is just another front!

III. The bblue international staff also said last year that there were offices in India, Turkey and Bangladesh. Currently, there is no mention of them anymore. Let’s see why.


The address of the office in India, with the picture of the building where the company’s offices should be located, can be found on bblue india’s  Facebook page (on the bottom of the page).
When we checked with the Indian authority similar to the Registry of Commerce, the company "CARBON SOLUTIONS" DOES NOT APPEAR AS REGISTERED and on bblue India’s Facebook page there are complaints against the company and its management.

In Turkey and Bangladesh – there is no record of the company being created or of any offices of the company, and the network marketing division isn’t open.

After having discovered all these lies, the following questions arise :
1. Why is the company presented to us as a successful international company from GREAT BRITAIN when in reality its registered office is a P.O. box and when the company has no employees in London???
2. Why does the management of the CARBON SOLUTIONS GLOBAL LTD “business” present us with the information that they have offices, qualified personnel and activity in multiple countries, when there is no such activity? What is the purpose?

The company’s registered office in LONDON and all those front subsidiaries are created in order to cover the fact that this is just another PYRAMIDAL scheme with Carbon Credits, started and conducted from HUNGARY.
As you have seen, their administrative activity is conducted only in Hungary and the network marketing takes place in Romania, these two being the only two countries where the “International Carbon Solutions Company” operates.

The answer to these questions is easy when we discover what they are really actually promoting.
Everything is just a beautiful story, created by people with experience in pyramidal schemes, which goes as follows:
The company CARBON SOLUTIONS is presented to us in a grandiose manner as a successful company in the field of renewable energy, in the field of carbon credit trading; after the company is presented, we are told that the company has a MLM (network marketing) division called BBLUE and also investments in carbon credits. In the company’s presentation there is talk about investing in carbon credits and how you can make MILLIONS OF EUROS if you get other people to invest in these carbon credits.

So we invest our money believing that we buy carbon credits, but in reality we get some virtual coupons called COUs. Searching on, we find in small print what these COUs actually are:

“COU (Carbon Offset Unit): a service unit, issued by Carbon Solutions Global Ltd., A COU is NOT a carbon credit. By purchasing COUs (in packages or through refilling positions), you do not become the owner of any carbon credits..." (these units are issued at the solely discretion of the company, which can issue billions of units, because these units have no value, they are ONLY virtual)

So what do we get when investing our money?
NOTHING! Some COU coupons that have no value on a trading market, you can’t sell them if tomorrow the company doesn’t exist anymore, you can’t trade them on the exchange… which is NOTHING!!!

CONCLUSION:  This BBLUE business is a PYRAMIDAL SCHEME, you only make money when other people join this business and invest and commissions are paid to members only if they bring other people into the business.

By bringing other people into the business, the money they invest go to those that entered the business earlier. All pyramidal schemes end in one way... when there are no more new people investing in the business, the scheme collapses!!!
In order to expose this SCAM, we have created a blog where we will post all new information.
On the same blog you can post if you have information that can help people who have been tricked to get their money back. More than that, we can help other people by warning them, by making the blog as widely known as possible, because the activity of this scam it yet at its beginning and something can still be done so that you won’t be tricked!


We go to police ! said...

WE want our money back ! we will go to police and we will sue you !

i send alot of emails to company , NO answer !

Offcourse i put a friend to verify your adress .. and off course is a POS BOX .
U told us.. u are a big company from UK , with big offices , and alot of personal .. ONLY LIES !!!!

MIhai Postelnicu said...

YOU told us, the company headquarters is in London, with subsidiaries in Turkey , Hungary, Slovakia, China, India, Turkey, Bangladesh and Romania .
where is the headquarter ??? where are the subsidiaries ?
You cheat people again !
Onlly lieess !

please help us ! said...

They told us to invest in CARBON CREDITS , to buy with 4 euro / carbon credit , and after 6 months they will sell for us and we will recive 7,5 euro / carbon credits ! i invest in month of August and.. nomething ! i want my money back !!!
they told us we will recive CARBON CREDITS , and what we receive COU ???
I will go to police !
I HAVE ALL THE PROFFS , the letter sign by PETER GASPAR the CEO of CARBON SOLUTIONS where he say they will sell in 6 months.
everithing !

Elai Lin said...

I bring my friends to this bussines , and now we loose the money !
MY 6000 EURO is laying with them

Akter Hosen said...

Company told us they are big in UK, and they have alot of clients .. only liess!!
Place for persons like this is JAIL !!

Herczeg said...

is the secound company where this person RIA KAMRAS steeling the people money ! In Hungary a lot of persons go to police and accused her !

György said...

Here in Hungary nomeboady join anymore !
we now is a scam !
They kick alot of people from the busines.
Hos is possible to kick Havasy Viktor ? he do alot of things for this company, but for shure he discover alot of things and he start to put question...result = kick

Anonymous said...

everyboady needs to go to Police !

Police should be thankful for it
They know Ria's Kamras name
Police has a full list
With botanoo members

This need to be the last scam for Ria Kamras !

Gyula Molnar said...

Hát szia Ria ! El olvastam amit küldtél nem sok mindent értek belőlle ,hogy ez most igazából kinek is akar szólni vagy mit is akartál ezzel az e-maillel kőzőlni. ?? Gondolom valaki elégedetlen ? Viszont nekem sem ez volt az első fel állás !! Mert a Laci teljessen másképp mondott mindent sőtt még mai napig meg vannak az eredeti kifizetési táblázatok amiket én szét osztottam már mindenkinek . Amiben majd meg mutatom világossan kitünik ,hogy 1 ciklus 1-6 honapig tart 2 ciklus 7-12 hónapig az az 1800 csomagnál max egy éven belül 93% haszon profit jelentkezik ..Mikor fent voltam kőzőlték hát egy év egy ciklus én mondtam én nem csinálok hülyét magamból anyiért biztos ,hogy nem fog mükődni a dolog . Az volt a válasz ,hogy miért nem jo valakinek 40-50 % egy évre ?? Hát kurvára nem jo főleg ha teljessen másképp volt beharangozva ...Már kezdem magam én hülyének érezni mert hatalmassat változott az eredeti megbeszéltekhez viszonyitva a jelenlegi fel állás és teljessen igazam van !!! Pár honap mulva már nem lesz csak 20% ááá ez igy nagyon felejtős az egész . Nekem lenne most jopár befektetőm ,de viszont én azoknak az eredeti befektetési csomagok és hozamairol adtam táblázatot az az 25000 eu 111.8 % egy évben maximalizálva igy ebben a formában érdekli őket a másikat nem is emlitettem mert 30-40 embernek adtam belőlle és ha varjálok ebből elég csak egy ember ,hogy kitegye a Facebookra és tőbbet biztos 1 ember nem tesz be . Ilyeneket véleményem szerint nem szabad csinálni. Egyenlőre várakozoban vagyok . Laci mondta felhiv megbeszéljük azóta is hiv . Pedig ha jol tudom minden infot táblázatot kaptam nem én szerkeztettem én meg mások hülyeségei kapzsiságai miatt nem vagyok hajlandó hülyét csinálni magamból ..Már rájőttem nagyon észnél kell lenni mert sokat bukhat az ember a bineális bonuszokon a heti kifizetés maximalizálva van tehát ha most 2vagy négy 25000 eu csomagot betennék nagyon rosszul járnák sokat vesztenék rajta. Mert nem szabad csak hetente és maximum 2x10000 csomagot mert azuttán meg kapja az ember ami jár. Amúgy más bajom nincs kicsit elkeseritett ez a dolog meg ez a hozzá állás ,de sok olyan emberrel beszéltem azóta akik beszállnak..Na és ráadásul hallanád Ria milyen dumával vettem rá őket még te is beszállnál ujra biztos .. Én sok embernél már 5 évvel előrébb jártam . Nem kaptam infot pl Iván Gabit sikerült e felhivni vagy én személyessen megkeresem erre sem volt a Laci válaszolni szóval én már nem is keresem mert nállam ez a flegma nagyképü hozzá állás nem jőn be. Én nem igy álltam a dolgokhoz . Én amit igértem meg csinálom már a Laci miatt is miattam nem fog beégni biztos .. Egyenlőre gyüjtőm az embereket aztán majd beregisztrálgatom őket . Viszont ezek az emberek az eredeti csomag táblázattal rendelkeznek ezek uttán fognak befektetni . Majd meg magyarázza nekik a Laci vagy aki kitalálta egy év mulva ,hogy miért csak a felét kapják mint amit igértek nekik és ne felejtsük el mindegyiknek fénymásoltam táblázatot ami nálluk is van !!! Azért akkor már érted Ria ,hogy miről beszélek és mi bánt . Más semmi bajom nincs csak ez anyira letőrte a lelkesedésem hogy nagyon. Sőtt már sokkal messzebb jutottam evvel az egésszel mint ahogy gondoltam . Jobban indult itt mint vártam ,de elég egy embernél aztmondani hát egy évben csak az igértek felét kapod aztán itt tőbbett nincs az a profi hálozatépitő aki esetleg egy szerződést egy üzletet betudna vinni meg napok alatt a netten hire menne országossan lebőgnénk. Azért nem adok a régieknek a kezébe uj táblázatot ami szerintem érthető is . Kb enyi jelenleg . Majd talán ez a Lady Boy Laci is bejelentkezik valamikor addig meg csinálom a dolgom a régi felállás szerint. Remélem Ria nem bántottalak meg ,de gondolom megértesz és szerintem tudod te is ,hogy igazam van , Én már feldolgoztam magamban a dolgokat ,de remélem nem ugy fognak változni a dolgok mint az időjárás !!! Őrültem Ria remélem mielőbb meg ismerhetlek majd téged is . Üdv Gyula

Gyula Molnar said...

Én Ria ebből dolgozom és ezt osztottam szét vagy 40 embernek ez alapján fognak pénzt betenni !! Mi az hogy kéthetente változik és más a fel állás ??,, Bárki ezt megtudná ez miatt senki nem fektetne be ami érthető is mivel túl gyorsan tőrténnek változások a cégnél. Én erre a formátumra léptem be és ebben a formátumban nagyon szivessen részt veszek ,de egyszer ez alapján keztem el hülyét senki előtt nem csinálok magamból főleg akikkel eddigmár beszéltem érdembe is az eredeti táblázzattal !!! Valaki evvl az uj táblázattal nagyot akart csodásitani a vezetőség előtt ,de az ilyennek érzéke sincs az üzlethez . Beharangozza ezzel a táblázattal mire beszállnának már csak a fele ??? Hogy van ez ez bárkinek feltünik !!! Egyszeer csak egy megvezetett ember tegye ki ezt csak a facebookra ügye már másnapra tőbb millio ember ezt zengi ki fog uttánna egy 1 eurot is beinvesztálni ?? Ügye érted miről beszélek ?? Teljes mértékben igazam van te is tudod ilyen sehol nincs nem is lehet igy mind a hálozt épitők mindenki kellemetlen helyzetbe kerül . Dolgozz ebből majd 1 hónapmulva még sem ez van uj feláálás már csak a felét igérjétek hát ilyen nincs igy nagy jővője nincs az egésznek . Képzeld el ez egy Bank csinálná meghirdeti enyi % meg anyi beharangozza mire oda érnek a befektetők már csak a fele hát ez vicc nem ?? Elnézést ha kicsit elragadtattam magam ,de szerintem érthtő is

Ravi Shenkar said...

Botanoo team is here-Kamrasi, Gaspar, Koller. Is anyone missing? Same team, same fate!

József said...

its clear for me!

how is possible to buy carbon credits with 4 euro ? and the company give u 7,5/ carbon credit in 6 months ?

Price for carbon credits is 0,1 eurocents ....

ponzi scheme !

Anonymous said...

this is a MLM SCAM !
read this :

Sebastian Adamescu said...

they take money from alot of person from Romania and Hungary !
They say they are from London, Loyd Flamings is working for them only to make a fake image .

give the money back to people !
Next week alot of person will go to police and make complains.

Anonymous said...

CARBON SOLUTIONS GLOBAL is a scam , drived by Ria Kamras the same person from the BOTANOO busines !
Where are the people money ?
How is possible to tell to people to buy carbon credits with 4 euro and sell with 7,5 euro / pices in 6 months ?

Dan said...

CARBON SOLUTIONS GLOBAL is a SCAM ! THEY tray to use name like GOLD STANDARD or others big name to influence people to invest money !!! how stupid do you think we are ?
How is possible to belive we can invest 1800 euro and they will give us in 6 months 3000 euro ???
HOW ?...
Offcourse .. here u recive money only if u bring someboady else to invest.. and u recive 20 % comision..

I m shure in short time they will be in prisone !!! there is theyr place !

Janosh said...

They told us to invest in CARBON CREDITS , to buy with 4 euro / carbon credit , and after 6 months they will sell for us and we will recive 7,5 euro / carbon credits ! i invest in month of August and.. nomething ! i want my money back !!!
they told us we will recive CARBON CREDITS , and what we receive COU ???
I will go to police !

Someboady know a London autorithy ?

Janosh said...

GOLD STANDARD FUNDATION a sheet !!! they don`t care CARBON SOLUTIONS steel money from people … if u read the agreement between BBLUE ( CARBON SOLUTIONS GLOBAL ) they receive 5000 euro from this fraud company !!!

The GS Service Partner shall have the following non-exclusive rights:
􀀁 The GSF will place the Service Partner ‘s logo on the Service Provider page of The Gold Standard
Marketplace Website
􀀁 The GS Service Partner shall have the right to refer to this partnership in their own communication
using the Gold Standard logo (in color or black and white)
2. Renumeration
The GSF service partner fee will be 5000 Euro first year of this Service Partnership Agreement.

Aniko said...

How is possible to scam us ?
I have 2 children, money that I had invested was all my life savings!
Peter Gaspar and Ria Kamras… hope u will die like a dog hit by a car !
bblue =SCAM stay away people !

Gera Gyöngyi said...

bblue and carbon solutions global are SCAMMERSS !!! YOU TAKE OUR MONEY !
My name is Gera Gyöngyi , i m from Hungary and i have a small girl 11 years old . 1 year ago a friend of mine convince me to invest my economies in CARBON SOLUTION GLOBAL business, it was very dentition because they say if i invest 5000 euro.. i will receive 10.000 in 6 months.
And i do the BIG mistake to invest in bblue, carbon solutions global .. and now i can not take my money back.
I take the decision to invest in CSG because they say they offer a guaranty of the money ( if i.m not satisfy i can take my money back ), and now i discover they lied me.. and i cant not take my money back !!!
i was several time to the office of bblue and nomeboady wants to speak with me. Peter Gaspar.. that young gay he speak with me very nasty.
I tray to speak with that lady Kamras Ria.. but she don`t want to speak with me .
PLS if somebody do something against Gaspar Peter or against this company pls tell me to because i don`t have more money to go to a loyer.

Anonimus said...

YES ! From some sources i understand Ria Kamras it was visited by the POLICE !

Gyöngyi said...

yes, u have right, she was visited by the police, but not only her , Peter Gaspar was visited too, because of people complain.

Anonymous said...

Carbon solutions global is just another scam !
they invite us to bplanet event…. they tray to take more money from people !

József Jerf said...

I invest in CARBON SOLUTIOSN GLOBAL carbon credits 2 year agoo !! they told me in 6 months they will sell my carbon credits and give me the profit !! PEOPLE THIS IS A SCAM !



Eve said...

This company sucks !
They only colect money from people, the tell to everyone they want to protect the mother EARTH...
HEY !CAPTAIN PLANET ! , we are not idiots ! u take my mother money, we will sue this CARBON SOLUTIONS SHEET COMPANY !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Botanoo (széndioxid kvóta, karbon kredit) ügyben az alábbi helyen lehet feljelentést tenni:

Vas Megyei Rendőrfőkapitányság, Gazdaságvédelmi Osztály
9700 Szombathely, Petőfi Sándor u. 1/C
Tel: 94/521-114
Szőllősi Árpád alezredes

Anonymous said...

Ria, you have been kicked out of every MLM Company you enter. You are the person behind WHO controls Peter and other dogs.

Once a Hustler allways a Hustler

How can your soon be happy for a mother WHO do this kind of Pyramid

Puskas radu said...

wwawww ,i can believe what i see here on this blog , somebody come to me.. and tray to recrute me.. to buy a family pack, a big joke !
I know very good Ria Kamras from Botanoo.. she is a scammer !
When i hear that name i know something is wrong.. and is not a real business !

Janosh said...

CARBON SOLUTIONS GLOBAL LTD is a scam.. is a company who colect money from people and they promise big PROFITS from selling of CARBON CREDITS .!
I invest here 1800 euro 2 years ago.. and i can not take my money back !

fucking scammers !

Anonymous said...

Is it true??

Janosh said...

Yes it is !!! Now they sell TREES ... and promis to people they will receive money after selling the wood after 5 years !!!!
BBLUE is a SCAM !!!!
I invest 2 years ago and i don`t receive money...!!!
They told me in 3 months i will make another 1200 euro profit from selling carbon credits !!!

Ria and peter gaspard are SCAMMERS !

Anonymous said...

Több mint két éve várunk a pénzünkre. Röhögnek a markukba a vezetők. Újabb szar ötletekkel állnak elő pl oxyfa. Az eredeti kínai üzletekből semmi sem valósult meg. Azért a Riának már van egy ennek örülhetünk. Persze szarik a környezetvédelemre ekkora autóval. Remélem hamarosan kborítja valaki a bilit.